From the baccarat salons of Monte Carlo, to the high stakes poker rooms of Las Vegas, to the back alley dice games of Chinatown – Casino Gold HRS Cigars are the ultimate compliment to a high-risk, high-reward, always-on-the-go lifestyle.

Blended by Nestor Plasencia Sr. & Jr. in Honduras, using five distinct high-quality variations of carefully grown tobacco, Casino Gold HRS Cigars are a medium bodied, flavorful cigar that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time.  Whether you are in a casino, or just pretending to be, you will feel like a true High Roller when smoking a Casino Gold HRS.


Ace                      6.25 x 62
King                           7 x 54
 Queen                     5.75 x 52
 Jack                           6 x 44
Joker                6 x 52 BELI

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