Gold Strike National Release


Jacksonville, FL – Announcing the release of Royal Gold Cigar’s Gold Strike cigars at QuikTrip Convenience Stores across the country.

The premium cigars just became even more readily available with the national release of Gold Strike, hand-rolled, premium cigars at convenient QuikTrip locations across the country. Founded in 1958, QuikTrip has built an empire of convenience by providing top-tiered service and high-quality fueling to consumers nationwide. Quiktrip’s name is synonymous with world-class integrity – exactly why we are proud to have them distributing our newest blend of Latin American tobacco, Gold Strike premium cigars.

Skillfully crafted in Esteli, Nicaragua, Gold Strike premium cigars are hand-rolled using a multi-nation blend of Latin American long fillers, bound tightly by a medium-brown Sumatran Wrapper. Gold Strike premium cigars use the same Tobacco found in many of the worlds most expensive cigars but are priced at a point to become any smokers everyday cigar.

Information on ordering Gold Strike Cigars can be obtained from Royal Gold Cigars by telephone at 800 524 4406, by email at, or on the web at